SENO License Version MAIN 1.0


SENO is a gaming club created in 2014. The purpose of the club is to help members play to together and enjoy. We have playing sessions periodically and all members are required to join these sessions. Following are the rules of the club that the members must abide.In part 1 you will find the absolute rules that all members need to read, and in part 2 - extra club information.

Part 1

  1. Game sessions - All members must show up to game sessions that occur usually once in a week[]. The members will be notified the same day about the session.
  2. Club members - Club managers are not dictators. Their job is only to arrange meetings and make peace with members. Club managers hold the right to kick other members. Current club managers:
  3. Nametags - All members must hold in their Steam names a clantag. The nametag will be as following: [SENO][...]{Username}[...] where [...] is anything you want as long as it does not offend the club or the club's honor.
  4. Club loyality and liberal character - The club is liberal in it's core. It does not force anything on it's members. However, members must keep loyal to the club and maintain it's honor.

Part 2

  1. The club's anthem

  2. Useful links